Kim Kardashian

"I'm like, 'Wait, don't look at me!'" the reality star admitted.
“There was a lot of guilt,” the reality star said while opening up about her “sad” split from the “SNL” alum.
"Our whole marriage, he accused me of that publicly," the reality star said of Ye on "The Kardashians."
The mom of four said she sometimes has to take it “hour by hour” to see if she and her kiddos are “going to survive.”
The two, who were the "it" couple at last year's event, appeared to show some old spark as exes this time around.
A newly released clip for the family’s Hulu show hints at why the sisters are at odds.
The Kim K impersonator built a large following on Instagram before what her family called her "sudden" death.
During his term, Trump oversaw more executions than any president in the past 120 years.
“Excuse me, excuse me, Kim,” LuPone said. “You know, what are you doing with your life? Don’t get on the stage, Mrs. Worthington.”
The socialite explained how she hoped to “leverage” her platform “to help change lives and laws.”