Kirsten Dunst

The politically charged new drama has been the source of heated debate for months. But the actual film is far less interesting than the online chatter.
"It’s actual insanity," the "Gerald's Game" star said in a recent interview.
The actor had a few thoughts when asked about reviving the cult classic about cheerleading.
The “Civil War” actor previously starred in Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man” trilogy alongside Maguire.
The actor also opened up about feeling uncomfortable on the set of "Spider-Man" in a recent interview.
Dunst has been praised for the way that she stood her ground as a child star by repeatedly pointing out that it was “weird” and “gross” for her to have to kiss a grown man.
The two stars, who have played a married couple on screen twice, have tied the knot IRL.
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The comedian also revealed how Leonardo DiCaprio felt about her joke involving his, uh, very specific taste in women.