Kirstie Alley

Look who's talking -- it's the conservative "Cheers" actor lauding the president's "sincerity & care towards us."
The "Cheers" actress deemed Midler's take on black Trump supporters to be "pure and REAL racism."
"Kirstie Alley just became a burned stone here."
She misses the days when Barbie looked like a "freak."
Kirstie Alley's adopted daughter, Lillie Stevenson (left), is absolutely gorgeous. We're talking model-caliber gorgeous. Read
Over the years, Kirstie Alley has struggled with her weight, and she's never shied away from sharing that struggle with her
Kirstie Alley has led her weight loss journey publicly, and now the former "Fat Actress" is returning to Jenny Craig in her
Gawking can be fun. I love muting the TV and watching the Red Carpet fashion runway show before the Oscars. Hey, we know this isn't real life -- it's Hollywood and it's fun. I almost don't like it when the 'stars' try to be too real -- after all Hollywood is supposed to transport us right?
Alley told People that Travolta "created his character and made him as dumb as dirt. We had a really, really good time!" Travolta