Kris Jenner

The reality matriarch also spilled her truth about the Marilyn Monroe dress and overseas tax shelters on "The Late Late Show."
The momager is setting the record straight, one Instagram comment at a time.
The trend's TikTok tag has videos with over 615 million views, as of Friday morning.
The gold medal winner said she only recently met Kim’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson, after urging her to bring him over.
The reality star gushed about her six children, calling them “my purpose, my inspiration, my life, my very heart and soul!!!!"
Kris Jenner joins HuffPost Live to talk about what Jaden Smith did to save the day on her way home from Kim's wedding.
Talking trash about the Kardashians is a common pastime for many ordinary Americans. On Monday, a few got to do it to their faces.
Kardashian has some thoughts on a possible transition of power should Jenner retire one day.
"I can't believe I slept with Aidy's husband," Kim complains.
"We live our lives, trying to be just really good people," the momager said.