Kyra Sedgwick

The "Call Your Mother" star was at a party back in the day and curiosity got the best of her.
Their "corona rules" could not prepare them for what they spotted on their unmade bed.
The actor started an Instagram challenge to bring home the importance of protecting loved ones from the coronavirus.
The actor couple, who have been married 31 years, met while filming the 1988 TV movie “Lemon Sky."
Two kids and an impressive 31 years of marriage later, the couple is still very much in love.
The couple just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. 🎉
This kind of portrayal relies on a negative shock factor that may undermine its effectiveness.
A mommy, baby strapped to her stomach, is peering through a front window of SHASTYE Gallery and Play Space.
Every day at Safe Horizon, we move victims from crisis to confidence by providing them with the resources and supports they need. Join me, Miss America and the thousands who have already taken their vow against domestic violence by taking part in our #PutTheNailinIt campaign.
Now people are going to say there was no need for Williamstown to make a comeback, because it never went anywhere, but let me lay out my case.
When Benjamin Scheuer walks onto the Lynn Redgrave Theater stage, picking up an acoustic guitar, announcing he's 10 years old, you believe him. He is about to tell his story in song, accompanying himself with several guitars, instruments he mastered at his father's knee.
This is the way with awards dinners, the ultimate tributes, a love fest with so many actors supporting their friends: Maggie
Engaging with another person and openly accepting their acknowledgment that something we have done for them has shaped their life in a positive way can be a humbling experience. It sometimes requires us to accept praise for something that we did because we knew it was the right thing to do.
Al Pacino plays a washed-up, suicidal actor who falls for a young lesbian (Greta Gerwig) as she vows to give up women in
This is either really sweet, or really creepy: Kevin Bacon was a guest on "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" Monday
Read more Popcorn Previews at It's an entirely different mood when Allen gets to Columbia. "Grab your