Late Night Shows

"The Daily Show" dug up the president's comments last year that he would "never forget" the Kurds' sacrifice in the battle against ISIS.
The "Friends" star may have been secretly watching you all along.
"The Daily Show" host thinks it's curious that Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are griping about Hunter Biden.
The "Rocket Man" singer recalled the moment on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
The comedian tore into Eric Trump's spouse over her comments about the Kurds and Syria.
The "Sky Is Pink" star and host Jimmy Fallon chow down and catch fire with Sean Evans of "Hot Ones."
The "Late Night" host aired "some of Rudy's greatest and most nonsensical highlights from just the last few weeks."
"A good friend of mine ... said he heard about it ... said it was a perfect call. In fact. A lot of people are telling me it was great."
The actor's breathless summary primed fans for Friday's Netflix release of "El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie."
"What do you mean, bring it back? It didn’t go anywhere."
The "Gemini Man" star has one big regret about a past movie.
Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, James Corden, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers all riffed on new developments in the investigation.
"This might be crazier than anything the president did today," the host said.
The "Late Show" host thinks the "friends" at "Fox & Friends" might be getting a little nervous now.
The national security adviser in the Obama White House gets bleeped on "The Late Show" for saying how she really feels about Trump's decision.
"It's Jersey," the golf great said in a "Tonight Show" sketch. "It's probably a body."