Late Night Shows

Late night shows resumed after a five-month hiatus due to the writers strike, and the former president was none too happy about it.
The "Tonight Show" host also returned to the air with a zinger for Rep. Lauren Boebert.
The former president is ticked that the late-night hosts are back and already making fun of him.
The “Late Show” host also had a gag about Eric Trump that was literally painful.
The late-night host was back on the air for the first time in five months ― and picked up right where he left off.
The comedian is no longer a shoo-in for the hosting gig following a New Yorker report that found inconsistencies in several of his routines.
"The Morning Show" star's "summertime photo dump" reveals a season spent knocking around with Jimmy Kimmel and Jason Bateman.
A Rolling Stone report about the toxic culture at “The Tonight Show” illustrates the perils of an unpredictable boss — and science backs that up.
In a bombshell report, current and former staff members accused Jimmy Fallon of creating a toxic work environment due to his “erratic” behavior.
The late night host's medical appointment didn't go as he expected. What happened next was even stranger.