Late Night Shows

The 21-minute lowlights reel features some of Trump's wildest gaffes.
"You’ve destroyed my street cred,” the actor joked on "The Tonight Show."
The "Pulp Fiction" star and "The Tonight Show" host had a "John Travolt-Off" in recreating the actor's iconic parts.
The FCC hit the network with the six-figure penalty after its late-night show misused the wireless emergency alert tone.
The Democratic presidential candidate got into their nail salon Q&A more than you can imagine.
The "Late Show" host opens up about what it means to suffer and what benefit we get from it.
The host took priceless digs at the president for saying, "If you’re wealthy, it doesn’t matter. I just want to do a great job.”
"The Daily Show" host says the president's constant attacks on immigrants are really about one immigrant in particular.
The "Late Show" host had Trump on as a guest in 2015 but said that won't happen again.
The annual event attracted all shapes and sizes — but the biggest splash was unmistakable.
"The Daily Show" host mocked the conservative network's anchors with a spoof travel agency ad just for them.
"Late Show" host calls out the president's latest claim about immigrants.
Late night hosts, including Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah, went after President Donald Trump for retweeting conspiracy theories about Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide.
Late night comics used their shows to confront President Donald Trump for retweeting conspiracy theories about Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide that involve former president Bill Clinton.
The host zinged the president's cozy pen pal correspondence with the North Korean dictator and his Sharpie-written letters to Justin Trudeau.
The "Late Show" host went after the president for retweeting something about the Clintons and Jeffrey Epstein.
The comedian told Jimmy Kimmel her pop "did not support it at all" — and she wasn't kidding.
"If racial equality was a sport," Ross would be "playing pick-up games," Noah said.