Late Night Shows

Stephen Colbert is reportedly involved in the transition.
The "Daily Show" correspondent pretended to have binge-watched the conservative network for hundreds of hours and, well, there were consequences.
Jimmy Fallon suggested how the president could have listed his accomplishments in a memorable style.
Handler fires back at the conspiracy theorist lawmaker's odd new complaint.
“I got a tally in my head of how few photos I get asked for in a day,” said Harington. “And when it gets below a certain number, I think I’ll do a spin-off.”
“I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I got the job!’” Pascal recalled, laughing.
The Australian driver talked to Stephen Colbert about the fandom spurred by Netflix's "Drive to Survive."
Witherspoon's gaffe was so memorable that De Niro brought it up 10 years later.
The actor recalled a speech from show creator Mike White that *may* see his return as the hotel manager.