Late Night Shows

"Late Show" host calls out the former president over a report that he wanted to investigate comedians who mocked him.
Trump reportedly wanted the Justice Department to investigate late-night comics who mocked him.
Paulson told Jimmy Kimmel that the “Friends” star rejected her at a “make-out party" thrown by Carrie Fisher.
The "Late Show" host's reference to the former president gets a big reaction from the crowd.
The late-night host jokes that the former president's recent statement had a hidden line about Eric Trump.
The CNN anchor joked he'd have been happier if Benjamin Maisani, with whom he is co-parenting 1-year-old Wyatt, had lied about the situation.
"Thank you very much for making me look stupid," one man said.
“You guys are horrible,” Mike Lindell said, then stormed off.
The former president's words are used against him in the montage.