Late Night Shows

The unexpected second installment of the spoof awards ceremony was perhaps even grimmer than the first.
The animated short ends with a lighthearted dig at Gal Gadot's "Imagine" video from early in the pandemic.
The late-night host spots a flaw in the latest right-wing logic.
Correspondent Desi Lydic spoofed the conservative network's COVID-19 reporting.
The "Reading Rainbow" icon learned that the gig "wasn't the thing that I wanted after all," but is nonetheless grateful for the opportunities now coming his way.
They weren't afraid to comment about fictional misdeeds of the famous in street interviews.
The late night host turned one of the GOP's favorite talking points right back at them.
Stephen Colbert poked fun at Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s obsession over Nicki Minaj’s debunked claim about her cousin’s friend who supposedly had swollen testicles after taking the COVID-19 vaccine.
The "Late Show" host mocked the Fox News host over his testicle obsession.