Lea Michele

The "Spring Awakening" and "Glee" co-stars are opening up about family matters and more as they prepare for a new HBO documentary.
The original cast members from the hit Broadway show are getting back together for a one-night 15th anniversary reunion concert.
“I don’t know the woman whatsoever,” said the "Booksmart" actor, who will play Fanny Brice -- a role Michele once coveted -- on Broadway.
The "Glee" star, who has long cited Fanny Brice as a dream role, appeared to have no hard feelings over the "Booksmart" actor's Broadway casting.
The "Glee" actor shared a simple — but heartfelt — photo in honor of her co-star and former boyfriend, who died in 2013.
The 34-year-old explained how the culture has changed and that she didn't "feel like it was my place and I don’t know why."
The former "Glee" star honored her former co-stars by posting a series of black-and-white photographs from the set and elsewhere.
The actor elaborated on claims she made about Michele's behind-the-scenes behavior, adding that her co-star's apology affirmed that "she hasn’t learned anything."
The actor also said she was proud of "Glee" co-star Samantha Marie Ware for “standing up for herself” and “not being fearful.”