Lea Michele

The “Frozen” star says her ego took a hit when she was cast as the mom of an actor just 15 years younger than her.
Despite her doubts, the "Wicked" and "Frozen" actor said she "sucked it up" -- and delivered some iconic musical moments in the process.
"We miss you every day and will never forget the light you to brought to us all," Michele wrote of her former boyfriend and "Glee" co-star, who died in 2013.
The "Glee" star gave an update on her toddler, who was hospitalized last month for a "scary health issue."
The "Glee" actor has attempted to shut down conspiracy theories that she can't read on multiple occasions.
The four-time Tony nominee opens up about sharing the stage with Lea Michele, and reveals her dream of playing Ruth Bader Ginsburg once again.
Michele said she "started hearing ringing in my ears" upon spotting someone she took for Broadway show's original star.
The “Glee” actor had a chilly response when asked if he was planning to catch his former co-star in her dream Broadway role this fall.
There's a running gag among fans that the "Glee" and "Funny Girl" star is illiterate. Now, it seems like she's embracing the joke.
The “Glee” actor has tested positive for COVID-19 days after her "Funny Girl" debut.