Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester welcomed a baby with husband Adam Brody.
Leighton Meester was positively glowing while out and about with husband Adam Brody on Saturday, and it's pretty clear why
"Yeah, I mean, I haven't really been dumped, I guess, but I've been hurt," Meester, who married Adam Brody last year, responded
I was struck while watching by how rare and refreshing it is to see a film like this in which a gay character's sexuality
What happens to a certain kind of codependent friendship when one member finds a significant other? Life Partners, the first film by Susanna Fogel, would like to answer that question. Instead it settles for sitcom setups and punchlines. 
Watch Brody recount the incident in the video above, and for more on his marriage to Leighton Meester, check out Brody's
Mackenzie Hunter Blake Lively, who was named after her grandmother’s brother, broke out in her role as Serena van der Woodsen
Jazz hands and... murder? It seems that the Great White Way might have a heart of darkness. I was recently perusing the current Broadway listings, and as I read through the list of shows, I started to notice a theme emerging.