Lena Dunham

"I'm truly confused," she said about her rumored feud with the "Girls" creator.
What does it feel like to wait years -- or even decades -- for a diagnosis of a disease that impacts 10% of women? Four women share their experience with the physical and emotional pain of endometriosis.
Dunham says she's considered reviving the HBO series after the success of "And Just Like That."
“When will we learn to stop equating thinness with health/happiness?” the “Girls” creator said in a post.
The TV writer and actor confirmed in April that they were dating.
Perhaps before trying to sell clothes to fat people, she should’ve done some unpacking of her own internalized weight stigma.
The "Girls" creator launched a "tightly edited" clothing line that tops out at size 26, which some said caters to "mid-size at best."
The eldest daughter of former President Barack Obama will reportedly work on a series that is “rumored to revolve around a Beyoncé-like figure."
"I’ve been thinking a lot about my pot belly in quarantine," the "Girls" actor and director wrote Tuesday.
The actress suffered achy joints, crushing fatigue and a fever of 102 during her bout with the coronavirus.