The anonymous messages come as conservatives wage a culture war over events and books with LGBTQ or racial justice themes.
The town board's decision came after some residents called for a ban of library books they'd described as "pornographic materials."
The Downers Grove Public Library said it will continue to find inclusive programming for teens and insisted that “hate did not win today.”
The Patmos Public Library likely will run out of money and close next year, but some are rallying to save it.
There’s a long history of book-banning in the U.S. But conservative groups are emboldened like never before, and they’re taking their mission to a new level.
“Poetry is a way of to remember our relationship with the natural world is reciprocal. It's having a place to breathe and having a place to pay attention.”
As an ultra-regressive movement aims to send gender norms back to the 1950s, previously uncontroversial events are suddenly facing intense harassment.
A federal lawsuit accuses Llano County officials of censoring library books, including illustrated children's "butt" and "fart" books.
Rights activists are calling the decision to remove LGBTQ-themed children’s books from library shelves “a restriction to the rights of freedom and expression.”
The House voted 51-14 to approve the measure that backers said will protect children. But opponents said it is so undefined and subjective as to be unconstitutional.