Libraries In Crisis

From the moment I entered the hushed, sacred precinct of the Brownsville Children's Library in Brownsville, Brooklyn, back in the mid-1930s, I have been a passionate advocate of the public library.
A Kansas boy battling through a series of unfortunate events over his front-yard library is getting some support from author
It is time to talk seriously about branch libraries. It is time to focus on the community libraries that are within walking distance of nearly each and every New Yorker.
The bottom line is libraries and the institutions associated with them are predictable and convenient targets for anyone taking an axe to a government budget. While the services they provide are vital, they're relatively invisible to the powerful.
The sounds of libraries today reveal the impact of libraries throughout our lives -- from the excited giggles of toddlers in storytimes to the "aha's!" of young people engaged in inquiry to the quiet conversations of senior citizens discovering new authors and using computers to research.
There is something about holding a book and being able to turn the pages that I find comforting. In today's 21st century, books may become obsolete. For me that's something I find scary.
Norway is going digital. What do you think of Norway's plan to digitize all its books? Tell us below! While some may fear
Snowden willed $530,000 to the Whitehall branch of the library, where she worked for over 30 years. The branch is using the
Why do we so often ignore the very advice that can save us? The answer may very well be found in Disrupted by Stefan Pollack which is easily one of the most important books of the year.
Perhaps no other place captures the values of freedom of expression and democracy like this venerable institution. Libraries