Lily Collins

A day after the Golden Globes chose chaos, the Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations are here.
The hate-watchers' delight got nods for best comedy series and best comedy actress.
Star Lily Collins admitted she, along with everyone else, was saying the Netflix show's title wrong.
The Netflix show starring Lily Collins dropped earlier this month, and it's caused quite a stir on social media.
Watch the travel food show "Somebody Feed Phil" since you still can't go anywhere.
Netflix’s new series aims for cosmopolitan fantasy but doesn’t quite hit the mark.
Extremely off base, shockingly tone deaf and concerning, TBH!
Instead of focusing on whether or not “To The Bone” attempts to glamourize eating disorders, viewers should be focusing on
It plays out a lot of tired old stereotypes about people with eating disorders.
The full film does a better job of showing the diverse array of people affected by eating disorders.