Lin-Manuel Miranda

Celebrities with ties to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are calling for aid in the wake of devastating flooding and power outages.
John Robert Allman's "B Is for Broadway" celebrates musicals like "Hamilton" and "Wicked" while introducing young readers to theatrical language.
The actor and composer didn't expect the breakout success of his catchy song in the Disney movie "Encanto," he told Jimmy Fallon.
"This must be what it felt like when the string quartet continued to play as the Titanic sank," one Twitter user remarked about the performance by Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Students from five U.S. cities reimagined the ballad "Louder Than Words" just as Miranda's film hit Netflix last week.
The Tony-nominated actor gives a chilling performance as Michael, a queer Latino confidant to Andrew Garfield's Jonathan Larson, in the Netflix musical.
"Aftermath" and "The Vault" are also in the ranking.
The actor's comments about critics of "In the Heights" were lambasted on social media as "disappointing" and dismissive of the Afro Latinx community.
The actor and composer said he was "truly sorry" after the big-screen adaptation of his 2008 musical was criticized for its lack of dark-skinned Afro-Latino stars.
"We're not going to get everything right in a movie," Jon M. Chu, who faced similar backlash for "Crazy Rich Asians," told The Root.