Liv Tyler

"I got a lot of sh** for it," the Aerosmith rocker confessed to James Corden.
Looking at these five expecting stars below who've each styled their celeb-bumpities uniquely -- Chrissy Tiegen, Emily Blunt, Liv Tyler, Ivanka Trump and Anne Hathaway -- I've distilled the essence of their maternity style and made the following nursery-inspired recommendations.
Glaze Fire is prepping for month full of fun Halloween activities at its studio It's fortuitous to be surrounded by brilliant
Well, it's nearly six months into the new year and we already have seen some wonderful (and less than wonderful) baby names from top celebrities world-wide. Below, Mallory Moss, co-founder of, lists the most recent contenders for best baby names of 2015.
Great news for Liv Tyler! "He is very early -- 6 weeks -- but healthy and will be in hospital for a while," her rep tells
It's not even Halloween yet and expectant mama Liv Tyler already has a leg up on the competition with her "bun in my oven
According to E! News, Tyler's rep did not comment on the baby news. The "Leftovers" star is pregnant, multiple sources have
Fresh, unique and thoroughly entertaining, the film was directed by the prolific film and TV actor, Jack Plotnick and is undoubtedly one of the most surprising and original movies in recent memory -- a dark, brooding comedy disguised as an homage to 1970s sci-fi.
And now another "Leftovers" cast member has weighed in on this important matter. Amy Brenneman, who plays Theroux's character's
Live music aside, perhaps the most entertaining part of the evening was counting the number of ridiculously attractive people in attendance.
Tyler and Bloom supported McKellen as he stars in the two plays in repertory at the Cort Theatre with Patrick Stewart, Billy
The 36-year-old looked gorgeous in a black sweater and a tight striped skirt, which displayed her killer curves. Reverse
In "The Leftovers," the Rapture happens -- but not quite like it’s supposed to. It tells the story of the people who didn’t