Louis C.K.

Biden’s campaign seems to be distancing the presumptive Democratic nominee from the disgraced comedian.
Comedian Julia Wolov responded to a comedy club owner who recently defended his reasons for booking C.K. to perform.
The "Nanette" star, who takes aim at the disgraced comedian's comeback attempt in her new Netflix comedy special, says C.K. "still honestly thinks he's the victim."
I feel like I’m being forced to pick a side in an unwinnable battle.
The irony of the comedian's copyright warning wasn't lost on the "Top Chef" host.
Manuel Oliver, whose son Joaquin died last year during the school shooting, wants the disgraced comedian to know his jokes aren’t funny.
The admitted sexual harasser sold out three shows in San Jose this week, and also doubled down on his Parkland jokes.
Carrey called out the comedian for mocking Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students in his latest set.
Davidson also joked about getting a tattoo of the disgraced comedian.