Luke Bryan

The country star and "American Idol" judge told Ellen DeGeneres the funny details after a tabloid mistake.
A face very familiar to longtime fans of the show will temporarily take the country singer's spot.
The country singer doesn't expect his "American Idol" colleague to allow 8-month-old Daisy Dove to use his gift. “Maybe under lock and key,” he quipped.
Casey Bishop said she has no performing experience, but the 15-year-old became an instant favorite in the talent competition.
With a new album out, the country music superstar opens up about his chart-topping career and what's left on his bucket list.
The virtual celebration replaced the postponed Country Music Awards.
Check out the online performances by your favorite stars while you safely self-quarantine amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
The only singing he'd done was on the back of his sanitation truck. Now he's going to Hollywood.
The gyrating contestant left a swooning Katy Perry in need of fake CPR from Luke Bryan.
He was on the show last year and caught a break to return much improved.