Mad Men

"The Office" star first met Hamm when she was in her early teens.
The actor returns to the New York stage this month in "Pay the Writer," playing a "gay man of a certain age" who "wants love but has failed in finding it."
Guests at the couple's California nuptials reportedly included Billy Crudup, Tina Fey and “Mad Men” veteran John Slattery.
The 52-year-old actor lost his parents when he was young and said his “road towards relationships” has been hard — but he’s finally in “a pretty good place.”
“It was meant to be me,” the “Mad Men” star said of the hit 2014 film.
"She would always turn up to set looking so chic and cool with a level of effortlessness that I really admired," the actor recalled.
Slattery directed his longtime co-star and friend in the new comedy "Maggie Moore(s)," which also stars Tina Fey.
“I’m surprised because I wasn’t really thinking it was heavy duty at the time,” said Shipka, who was just 7 when the show premiered.
“It’s a feeling of taking care of someone else and being taken care of," Hamm said of the relationship now headed for marriage.
The couple first met in 2011 when the "Gilmore Girls" star made a guest appearance on “Mad Men."