Mad Men

“I’m surprised because I wasn’t really thinking it was heavy duty at the time,” said Shipka, who was just 7 when the show premiered.
“It’s a feeling of taking care of someone else and being taken care of," Hamm said of the relationship now headed for marriage.
The couple first met in 2011 when the "Gilmore Girls" star made a guest appearance on “Mad Men."
Morse won a Tony Award as a brash corporate climber in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” and a second one for playing Truman Capote in “Tru.”
As culinary culture exploded across America in the last few decades, food stylists became pervasive on Hollywood sets.
Lionsgate announced that when the show comes to Amazon’s IMDb TV, it will feature a title card noting the "historical authenticity" and "disturbing images related to race in America."
Former “Mad Men” star Kiernan Shipka will play a much darker version of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.”
The photos from the wedding, which took place outside Jackson Hole, are beyond gorgeous.
Many mornings, everything was blacked out -- washed away in a sea of liquor.