The Queen of Pop had a cheeky response to finally seeing her ’80s ad resurface during the MTV VMAs.
The CNN anchor said he’d rather “forget” his chaotic cameo during one of the Queen of Pop’s 2015 concerts in New York.
Most who watched the 2003 MTV performance remember Britney Spears and Madonna’s iconic smooch... and that Christina Aguilera was also there.
The "Material Girl" singer also shared a post celebrating her experience at the show.
The Queen of Pop was sent to the ICU with a "serious bacterial infection" in late June.
The Queen of Pop was hospitalized for several days after she was reportedly found unresponsive.
The former talk show host said her longtime friend is "very strong" and recovering at home.
The Queen of Pop was taken to a hospital after being found unresponsive, according to her manager Guy Oseray but is expected to make a full recovery.
Her manager said the icon developed a “serious bacterial infection" but is expected to make a full recovery.
The former first lady spent her life avoiding paparazzi and couldn't understand the singer's need for attention.