Mandy Moore

The "This is Us" actor shared a sweet photo of the newborn on Instagram.
Being pregnant, raising a toddler and living on a tour bus proved more than she could handle, the "This Is Us" star admitted.
Actor and singer Mandy Moore just surprised fans with her first song in a decade.
Including a cozy illustrated hoodie, a "Big 3" jersey and Rebecca's sentimental crescent moon necklace.
"It's been a pleasure to be her TV husband for six years," the actor told Jimmy Fallon of of his co-star on the NBC drama, which just kicked off its final season.
The "This Is Us" star has come a long way in the fashion realm.
This week, Mandy Moore and Princess Eugenie both announced the moniker for their sons.
The "This Is Us" star announced the birth of her first child, August Harrison Goldsmith, on Instagram Tuesday.
The "This Is Us" star said she and husband Taylor Goldsmith will welcome a baby boy early next year.
The "This Is Us" star said it was "curious" how Adams chose to confess his past abuse.