The “Captain Marvel” actor became part of a surprise proposal between two of her biggest fans.
The "Friends" alum paid the price for saying Marvel is "diminishing" what's coming out of Hollywood.
Captain America goes viral with a rallying cry to get more people involved.
The Oscar-winning director won't even deign to watch one in its entirety.
The two studios plan to release an as yet untitled sequel to "Spider-Man: Far From Home" in July 2021.
The actor will reportedly be reprising his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the prequel film starring Scarlett Johansson.
Writer-director Ryan Coogler is behind the upcoming project.
A series of photos Holland posted has got fans — including costar Mark Ruffalo — feelings all kinds of feelings.
A break between the studios could mean the webslinger would no longer be a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — or the Avengers.
The Marvel Entertainment CEO is Trump pal Isaac Perlmutter, noted the artist, who learned again that "everything is political."
The man who plays Nick Fury joins fellow actors Tom Holland and Sebastian Stan in the “Gwyneth Doesn’t Remember Working With Us” club.
The actor drew attention on social media to Marvel Entertainment Chairman Isaac Perlmutter, a longtime Trump supporter.
While white male superheroes have dominated our notions of patriotism and fighting for the greater good, Liu's Shang-Chi could shake up the industry.
The "Kim's Convenience" star has been tweeting about playing a superhero since 2014.
The actor and comedian celebrated his upcoming role in Marvel's "The Eternals."
"As new king, she needs to find her queen," Thompson said during a panel at Comic-Con.
"IT'S THE PERFECT CASTING!!!" one fan tweeted in response to Marvel's announcement at San Diego Comic-Con.
The Oscar-winning actress held up the mighty hammer during Saturday's Marvel panel at the San Diego Comic-Con.