'Masters Of Sex'

Photo by Diana Ragland You co-host a radio show- The Apollo Night LA- which is aimed toward spotlighting indie music artists
It's seemingly impossible to engage in a candid discussion about "flickin' the bean," even from girlfriends who are quick to talk about their explicit escapades. But like many misconceptions about female sexuality, the blame can't be placed on one single person.
"Men & Chicken," which Denmark submitted for last year's Academy Awards to no avail, is both funny ha-ha and funny peculiar
Well, I'm sure you've noticed it's been quite a while since I've posted on my blog and I have a very good excuse, it's called a job. I don't know who came up with this concept, but they sure didn't have a sense of humor.
"Freaks and Geeks" You've developed a taste for Jon Hamm: Based on a collection of short stories by Russian writer Mikhail
There was skincare products by Dr. Ronald Moy's DNAEGF Skincare and iPhone cases by Exofab that stick to glass, windows and
"Arrow," CW: Like a lot of fans, I think the start of the third season has been a bit uneven, but Season 2 was extremely
What defines a man as a man these days and how far have millennial men come as far as the variety of emotions they are allowed to express openly?
Your cell phone may be left on, but adjust the setting to the default ring -- not ones that you've downloaded of Dracula laughing, a horse farting or a tune by Wayne Newton.
Has there ever been a show with this many women in it? A show that has a ratio of female-to-male characters at about 10 to 1? That's so comfortable showing female diversity, in looks, body size, race, age and sexual orientation?
What women don't like is men having sex with us who are doing it badly by only considering themselves. Bad sex is defined differently for every woman, but it begins with not having a voice when you're naked with a man.
Showtime's Ray Donovan triumphs over Boardwalk Empire, The Leftovers and Masters of Sex on Sunday night's festival of the best in TV series. Well, we do have Steve Soderbergh's The Knick.
If you're looking for shows to check out or catch up on before we are inundated by a wave of new fall television programs
"This is horrifying," she says with a grin. "I don't eat a lot of pig because the outside is the same color as the meat. You
With the debut of the cable series Masters of Sex, any purely art historical Google search for risque old master paintings is now totally skewed to the Showtime television program.
Virginia Johnson Left: Craig Blankenhorn for Showtime, Right: Michael Desmond for Showtime Showtime's hit series "Masters
Work and (sexual) pleasure are two things that probably shouldn't mix, but from the looks of "Masters of Sex" Season 2, they're
Connecting to emotional situations is what sets a new series apart from the pack. The key is creating character dynamics that drive the audience to return each week.