Matt Damon

The sports flick will focus on Nike’s game-changing deal with Michael Jordan, leading to the birth of one of the best-selling sneakers of all time.
"20 f**king years of this s**t,” the actor raged as their fake feud continued.
Clooney, an inveterate prankster, committed a practical joke involving a cat that will make you gag.
An Irish rock band, a composer and an Oscar-winning actor, just to name a few. Here’s a look at the 2022 class of Kennedy Center honorees.
“And he didn’t punch me,” the actor joked of the impromptu moment.
"When a producer ... distills an actor down to what they perceive as their sexiness, it’s so dismissive of that person," Driver told The Cut.
"The Last Duel" actor showed off his "ridiculous" look on "The Tonight Show."
Online sleuths say they've discovered the "Stillwater" star's private profile — which is an anagram of his name.
"I just wanted to get something that Heath had," the actor said of his late co-star.
The actor is clarifying his remarks about retiring the "f-slur for homosexual" only months ago.