Matthew McConaughey

From the liquor distillery giving away hand sanitizer to Matthew McConaughey's virtual bingo game.
The actor called the numbers for residents at a Round Rock, Texas, senior living community who are in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The former "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" co-stars playfully reminisced on social media about the film's true star: a fern that symbolized their characters' love.
The Oscar winner couldn't get "The Tonight Show" host out of his University of Texas film class fast enough.
The actor rang in his 50th birthday on Monday by announcing his new social media page through videos, songs, and, naturally, some inspiration.
The actor and his wife, Camila Alves, have two sons and a daughter.
The Oscar-winning actor will join the University of Texas at Austin this fall semester as a film professor.
Matthew McConaughey honored Guy Fieri at a Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.
"You've been you the whole time, and that ain't easy," the actor said, celebrating the Fieri's Hollywood Walk of Fame star.
"This isn't a moralistic stance," the actress said in an interview.