Matthew Perry

The "Gilmore Girls" star remembered the witty card the "Friends" star included as well.
Keith Morrison married Perry's mother in 1981 and had known him since Perry was 12 years old.
Details of the "Friends" star's will have emerged.
The BAFTAs responded to backlash after Perry, both a film and television actor, was left out of the tribute.
Puth and The War and Treaty duo transitioned into a mournful rendition of a very familiar tune to Perry fans.
The actors were close as the popular TV series starring Clooney “ER” and Perry’s “Friends” were filmed at the same studio lot.
The "Friends" star, 54, was found dead in his hot tub at home in October.
The "Iron Claw" actor credited Perry, who died in October, with helping to "propel me and motivate me in so many ways.”
Aniston got emotional while telling Variety how Perry was faring before his unexpected death in October.
According to Perry’s memoir, the two were romantically linked for three months thanks to Roberts’ appearance on a 1996 episode of “Friends.”