Mayim Bialik

"The Big Bang Theory" star fired back with sarcastic vigor.
Jim Parsons told Ellen DeGeneres that the role the show has played in their lives is more than he and his fellow actors "can get a grip on."
On Christmas Eve, the "Big Bang Theory" star said she was "not doing so well."
"I'm newly single and not doing so well," the "Big Bang Theory" actress wrote -- plus her cats have forced her out of her own bed.
The actress who plays Amy has a laugh at president's expense over one way-out notion.
The show’s star is apparently ready to move on from the role that made him a household name.
The actress apologized for parts of the op-ed that were interpreted as victim-blaming.
Feminism is about making your own choices, even if that choice is something super “un-feministic” like being a SAHM or celebrating physical beauty.
Various blocks of her piece brought up so many issues that modern feminism is trying to combat.
The actress is excited that the hit sitcom will return for Seasons 11 and 12.
"Our writers took a very big risk that honestly I was even surprised that they took,” Mayim Bialick told HuffPost.