Mayim Bialik

The "Jeopardy!" host and "How I Met Your Mother" star were friends until Bialik went to see him perform in the musical.
New host and executive producer Mike Richards stepped down after a firestorm of controversy surrounding his questionable past.
Sony said other guest hosts will follow Bialik, but made no mention of a permanent replacement.
The show's executive producer, slated to take over for the late Alex Trebek, faced mounting questions and controversies, including his history of sexist remarks.
“Jeopardy!” has decided its executive producer Mike Richards will become the show’s regular host and actor Mayim Bialik will host its prime time specials.
Mayim Bialik and journalist Bill Whitaker will also fill in for the late Alex Trebek.
The show is anticipating a fall 2020 debut.
"If you’re not crying right now you’re not human."
"The Big Bang Theory" star fired back with sarcastic vigor.
Jim Parsons told Ellen DeGeneres that the role the show has played in their lives is more than he and his fellow actors "can get a grip on."