Meg Ryan

The actor son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid just wooed Maya Erskine in “Plus One.” Now, he plays an average Joe trying to unmask a group of problematic superheroes in “The Boys.”
"The Boys" actor told Jimmy Kimmel he checked out "When Harry Met Sally" for the first time just last year.
At an anniversary screening, Crystal told some fun stories about the famous orgasm scene -- one of which involved Princess Diana.
The "Sleepless In Seattle" star shared the news with an Instagram sketch of her and the "Jack & Diane" rocker.
Queer Voices
The actor and writer winks at romantic comedy tropes in his poignant short film.
"It's just like a little earthquake down there."
Healthy Living
Women physicians have a harder time finding mentors who will support and promote their work, hence the feeling that the men have an exclusive “club."
But after the two were spotted together in New York City, it seems he was just joking.
People, really. Is this the best we can do?
Post 50
Passing judgement on celebrities as they age is cruel. And it is pointless.
Tom Cruise Says Why He Chose Meg Ryan In Exclusive "Top Gun" Clip
The idea that women could be identified with "Resting Bitch Face" and that it was considered a malady is concerning to me. The fact that sites with thousands of views are devoted to this "facial type" is also worrisome.
The patron saint of smart New York women, Nora Ephron is sorely missed. We have not seen her like since 2012 when she died