Megan Fox

The actor received backlash for sharing a fundraiser started by her nail artist for her father's cancer treatment.
“Before you start angrily typing ― those are not my nipples, calm down,” the “Transformers” actor posted on Instagram.
Video shows Kelly confronting two fairgoers for an unknown reason before the couple's bodyguard shoves Fox aside as he springs at the men.
Megan Fox slammed a Republican politician after the man shared a photo of her kids and claimed they endured “child abuse.”
The "Jennifer's Body" actor slammed a "clout chaser" for publicly accusing her of "pure child abuse."
Kelly flipped out on the set of "Johnny & Clyde," which co-stars Ritter and Fox, Ritter said.
“I don’t ever see myself the way other people see me,” Fox told Sports Illustrated.
The “Jennifer’s Body” star reactivated her Instagram account to make a statement days after one of MGK’s bandmates became a target for accusations.
Sophie Lloyd got caught in the crossfire after actor Megan Fox hinted of a split with Kelly.
The "Transformers" actor and the singer first announced they were dating in 2020.