Megan Fox

The musician celebrated his sold-out NYC show by breaking a champagne glass on his face and proclaiming, 'I don’t give a f**k, bro. I don’t give a s**t.'"
Kelly's performance at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards left fans wondering whether he and Fox have secretly tied the knot.
"My child is so brave and I know that they’ve chosen this journey for a reason,” the "Jennifer's Body" star said of Noah, now 9.
The actor said the amount of blood they drink from each other is “just a few drops," and only for "ritual purposes."
The thorny double band is a reminder that "love is pain," the "Bloody Valentine" singer said in a new interview with Vogue.
The two lovebirds believe they are "twin flames," Fox has said.
People have hilariously responded to the couple’s bizarre first encounter they described to British GQ.
There may be trouble in paradise: Kelly couldn't say exactly how many tattoos were on Fox's body.
The two women introduced their boyfriends, Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker, at the MTV VMAs, and made a remark that fans had a lot to say about.
The UFC star later called the singer a "little Vanilla Ice boy rapper" and denied anything had happened.