Megan Fox

The “Till Death” star clarified remarks about the former president she made on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” earlier this week.
The 31-year-old told GQ he had a poster of his now-girlfriend on his bedroom wall in high school and a classmate claimed the musician used to say he'd marry Fox.
The actor said she "went to hell for eternity" after taking the psychoactive brew on vacation in Costa Rica.
The "Jennifer's Body" star and her ex-husband have previously defended their son Noah's choice to wear what he wants.
“That night, I stayed up and promised myself that I would never live one more day of my life from fear," Fox said.
“Journey, you’ve got to crawl ― you’ve got to crawl,” Fox quipped as her son stared at her. “Go!”
The "Jennifer's Body" actor told Kelly Clarkson how she uses pop hits like "Oops I Did It Again" to get over her fear of flying.
Kardashian, Fox, Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker had a date night at UFC 260 in Las Vegas and Twitter went wild over it.
"I wear your blood around my neck," the rapper wrote in a Valentine's Day post about Fox.
"The intensity of merging with him is just overwhelming," the "Transformers" actor gushed to Nylon.