Megan Fox

The contestant on the Netflix reality dating show recalled how she reached out to the "Transformers" actor.
After a picture with Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce and Machine Gun Kelly made headlines, the “Transformers” actor made things much worse.
Besides being up for "Worst Film," the action flick was nominated for "Worst Supporting Actor" (Sly Stallone) and "Worst Supporting Actress" (Megan Fox).
In a newly released book of poetry, the “Jennifer’s Body” star has a lot to say.
The actor discusses the pregnancy loss in her new book of poems, "Pretty Boys Are Poisonous."
Fox chose a "Kill Bill" inspired costume despite SAG asking members not to dress up as movie or TV characters during the strike against studios.
The actor received backlash for sharing a fundraiser started by her nail artist for her father's cancer treatment.
“Before you start angrily typing ― those are not my nipples, calm down,” the “Transformers” actor posted on Instagram.
Video shows Kelly confronting two fairgoers for an unknown reason before the couple's bodyguard shoves Fox aside as he springs at the men.