Melissa McCarthy

A true-crime documentary and a sci-fi movie starring Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan are two of the top picks on the streaming platform.
The “Superintelligence” star said she "made a mistake" by including Exodus Cry, a conservative evangelical group, in a new HBO Max giving campaign.
"They’re everything that I love seeing and I want my girls to see," the actress said.
Melissa McCarthy used the red carpet of her movie “The Kitchen” to gush about meeting members of the United States women's national soccer team.
"I wish this was a bit, but it's not," the "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" actress said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"
"When they go low, we also go low, because that’s how dodgeball works."
The Oscar-winning actress said she "worships" Melissa McCarthy, who took over the role.
The "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" Oscar nominee gushed that Babs did not disappoint.
The husband and wife duo went all Adidas for the fancy parties.
Pantsuits, metallics and odes to the past — here are some of the daring Oscars red carpet looks.