Merriam Webster

"It’s simply not a usage that can be ignored anymore," one of the dictionary's editors said.
People searched for terms that reflected the ominous "send her back" tenor of Trump's rally, in which he ratcheted up his racist attacks.
The dictionary publisher revealed its Word of the Year, and a Trump tweet helped it get picked.
No. It wasn't covfefe. But it does have to do with lying.
People are looking up words like "traitor" and "collusion" after President Trump's appearance with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Yes, the definition of “foe” remains the same.
“Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t make me better at Scrabble, but it does make me proud.”
Pansexual: Sexual desire or attraction that is not limited to people of a particular gender identity or sexual orientation.
The noun, meaning “disaster,” is among 850 new words to emerge during Trump’s presidency.
The term, the dictionary's editors note, is increasingly used by gender neutral people.
Merriam-Webster's 2017 word of the year had an overall 70 percent increase in its searches compared to the year before.
No, it's not "dotard" -- although Kim Jong Un's insult did make the top 10.
The language of 2017 is a depressing reminder of how bad things are.
"Heal" can be a difficult word when you've been defending white supremacists all week.