Met Gala

While trying on her Versace dress for the 2017 Met Gala, Kylie Jenner said that the waist was "really loose." Demonstrating how tight she wanted it to be, she said, "It needs to be like this, like, where my body looks crazy. Like, I need to kind of suffocate."
The tween fashionista also had some harsh words for Kardashian's ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson.
The “Dynasty” star remembers the singer being less than considerate in her new book, “Behind the Shoulder Pads."
The "Shallows" star became her own curator at a royal museum-style show featuring her Met Gala dress.
The "Nope" star opened up to WSJ. Magazine about attending her first Met Gala back in 2021.
The tennis icon revealed her current pregnancy on the red carpet of fashion's biggest night.
The “Guardians of the Galaxy” star is really toeing the line of common decency with this one.
The influencer and star of The Good Place shared an impassioned Instagram post following this year's Met Ball.
The beauty mogul, who welcomed a son with rapper A$AP Rocky last year, opened up about her current pregnancy in a Met Gala red carpet interview.
The model and activist — along with a few other equally iconic attendees — reminded us about the complexity of honoring Karl Lagerfeld.