Met Gala

The singer hit back at an "inaccurate" article about her appearance at the Met Gala with John Mayer.
The pals unveiled looks suitable for the social distancing era to observe the annual fashion event, which has been postponed indefinitely.
The singer shared the custom conical bodice Jean Paul Gaultier made for her to wear to this year's event.
The "Simple Favor" star's looks at the annual fashion event had a very specific color scheme for three years straight.
The Vogue editor-in-chief lambasted the president's "dishonesty with the American people."
A British Vogue spokeswoman told HuffPost that the rumor Meghan would attend with Edward Enninful is “categorically false.”
"It affects my soul when your pictures are too sexy," the rapper told his reality star wife on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."
"I don't think Jay was that interested," the "Good Place" actress said.
The particular dress had $500,000 ruby nipples on it and a "vajayjay," according to the rapper.