Michael Cera

The actor just released a new song, the latest in a string of strange and successful career moves.
The charming comedy about intersecting New Yorkers opens July 28.
"Narcissistic, erratically behaving family in the building business ― and their desperate abuses of power ― are really underrepresented on TV these days,” series creator Mitchell Hurwitz said in a statement.
Michael Cera, Tavi Gevinson and Keiran Culkin invented a risky game to play secretly during interviews about their hit Broadway
Brilliantly acted by Michael Cera as Warren, Kieran Culkin as Dennis, and Tavi Gevinson, as Jessica Goldman, the object of Warren's fantasies, and flawlessly directed by Anna D. Shapiro, Lonergan's wonderfully crafted 1996 play captures all the agony and the ecstasy, but mostly the agony, of post-pubescent youth.
In Kenneth Lonergan's revived 1996 play, This is Our Youth, a Steppenwolf production transferred to the Cort, what specifically does the playwright mean by "this"?
Since Cera had no set date for the album, he found time to make music when he was bored at home or up late at night, and
Michael Cera dropped a surprise album a few days ago, becoming 2014's new male Beyonce. The title of the album is "True That
Thankfully, Gilligan and the casting team resisted temptation and instead chose to fill some of the most villainous roles
When you make a movie about our reliance on technology, you can bet that the Internet is going to parody it to death. We've