Michael Douglas

Lana Wood said her older sister told her about being brought into Douglas’ suite, before adding, “And, uh ... he hurt me Lana.”
Michael Douglas said his stepmother “will always be in our hearts."
"I don’t know if he was pulling my leg or not,” the actor said.
Hollywood luminaries and other public figures flooded social media with messages about the "Spartacus" icon's impact on the industry.
The iconic actor blazed his own path, playing tough guys from "Spartacus" to "Paths of Glory."
"The ‘random’ checks you have to deal with when you have a Muslim name," the actor wrote on Instagram.
“He’s pretty good, but probably not quite as good as he thinks he is,” the actor told Jimmy Fallon.
"I can’t believe he gets away with this story," the movie star told "Late Night" host Seth Meyers.
The star, believing a woman is about to accuse him, said he wanted "to get ahead of this."
The birthday bash paid tribute to his legendary film career.
♦ Whereas securing a good entry-level corporate job after college is still the ideal, it is evident that many Millenials
"He's a classy guy," Kilmer said of his former co-star.