Michael Jackson

The King of Pop once pitched himself for a role in "The Sandman."
Nicki Minaj just landed a historic award at the MTV Video Music Awards.
The estimated age of the male, called Captain Eo, was well over the species’ average life expectancy of 20 to 30 years, the zoo said in a statement.
The siblings took the stage at the ceremony to show their support for the musical based on their father's life.
MTV’s hit 90’s show “TRL” will return to the network with live performances and full music videos.
The Fox News personality, lacking anything substantive to say, insisted the House speaker was actually the late pop star Michael Jackson.
In a new trailer for her upcoming documentary, the singer says she was considered "guilty by association."
A Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge found that James Safechuck could not sue two corporations owned by Jackson because he had not demonstrated that he had a relationship with the corporations that would have required them to protect him from Jackson.
In 2017, a jury awarded Jones millions in royalties and fees from the Michael Jackson estate over the use of songs Jones produced in the concert film “This Is It” and two Cirque du Soleil shows.
The play, "For the Love of a Glove," follows a group of aliens “shaped like bedazzled gloves" who find their way to Jackson's home.