Michael Jackson

The 25-year-old model also said internet trolls have told her to kill herself for not posting on her dad's birthday.
Fans asked Sedaris not to "glorify" the singer, whose controversial life included 13 Grammy wins and multiple allegations of child sexual abuse.
A California appeals court has revived lawsuits from two men who allege Michael Jackson sexually abused them when they were boys.
The suits were filed after Jackson's 2009 death by Wade Robson in 2013 and James Safechuck the following year.
The "Shakespeare in Love" actor was cast as Jackson in a never-aired episode of the British series "Urban Myths," drawing widespread condemnation.
“My heart goes out to Jordan’s family, who is suffering great pain and uncertainty about the circumstances of his death,” the former police officer said Wednesday.
"Leaving Neverland" maker Dan Reed condemned the upcoming movie starring Jackson's nephew as the King of Pop.
The singer's nephew, whose father is Jermaine Jackson, has been recording his own songs since 2019.
The film about the “King of Pop” will chronicle the star’s life and career, including his most iconic performances and “the pedophile accusations that dogged his later years.”
The King of Pop once pitched himself for a role in "The Sandman."