Mila Kunis

The "Four Good Days" actor said her co-star won a certain challenge on the movie set "every single day."
"It was a bad idea," Kunis said of her monthlong sobriety attempt with husband Ashton Kutcher.
The A-list couple turned Jimmy Fallon's Voice Swap game into their own yuk fest.
People cannot get over how much Odeya Rush, whom you may recognize from “Lady Bird” and “Dumplin’,” looks like Kunis.
Kutcher, however, has no designs on becoming a reality TV husband.
Moore has been spilling a lot of tea about ex-husband Kutcher on the press tour for her new memoir, “Inside Out.”
A big misunderstanding led to his "lip jewelry."
Mila Kunis always celebrates her wins as a mom and gets real about parenthood with Ashton Kutcher.
The couple released the perfect video response to the rumor.