Miley Cyrus

The singer said there's "no connection" when you're performing for 100,000 people.
Happy Hippie Foundation gave a warm message to students after officials said Cyrus and Parton's LGBTQ-inclusive song "could be deemed controversial."
Heyer Elementary School administrators have argued that "Rainbowland," which promotes LGBTQ acceptance, could be "perceived as controversial."
Many think the lyrics of "Flowers," due out Jan. 13, allude to a frosty red carpet moment between the former couple.
The singer, who celebrated her 30th birthday last month, revealed her New Year's resolution to "Today" host Hoda Kotb.
Cyrus posted an audio snippet of a voicemail she’d received from the Foo Fighters drummer prior to his death this spring.
“I’ve already thought about it,” Heche had said in a newly released podcast interview.
"I was there physically, but emotionally, I was not there," she said of the moment in a new Rolling Stone interview.
The singer dedicated her performance at Lollapalooza Brasil to the late Foo Fighters drummer. She said she'd spoken to him days before his death.