Mischa Barton

Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port and Heidi Pratt have come a long way.
Barton's attorney, Lisa Bloom, declared "victory" in court in a triumphant image on Twitter.
"It is a serious crime to tape people without their knowledge."
“I want to protect [all women] from the pain and humiliation that I have had to go through."
"Hard to take you seriously while you post a picture of you sipping alcohol on a yacht."
The Awards, presented at the sixth annual Millennium Campus Conference at Lynn University, recognized influencers who use their global platforms for good.
Barton brings to life the character of Eva Gascon, a journalist trying to discern the truth behind Union Carbide's conduct leading up to the tragic gas incident, in a truly captivating manner in this thought-provoking film.