Modern Family

People are praising the "Modern Family" alum after her now-viral exchange with Pablo Motos on Spanish TV show "El Hormiguero."
The actor said her agent's assistant "fought" for her to be seen by the ABC show's creative team during the casting process.
The “Modern Family” star was inspired to talk candidly about the work she had done after “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin casually spoke about her own.
The Broadway star stepped in when his former "Modern Family" co-star had to bow out.
The TV stars had been dating for five years and got engaged in 2019. The pandemic put their nuptials on hold — until now.
"These men reduced me to an outdated, incorrect stereotype, as if I was only there to perform a specific task and fulfill a fantasy of theirs."
Hiker Minnie John said she fractured her nose and received five stitches later at the hospital.
The "Modern Family" actor will "absolutely" love 8-month-old Beckett no matter what -- but has been cranking up the Broadway tunes while on dad duty.
With Broadway on hold, the "Modern Family" star is enjoying time with his new son and preparing to release a cookbook of plant-based "flexitarian" recipes.
"I was never a victim guys, I was always in on the joke," the "Modern Family" actor said.