Modern Family

A representative for the "Modern Family" star said he and his husband became a family of three this week
After 11 seasons, the once mega-popular ABC sitcom says goodbye to a very different America than the one in which it premiered.
The "Modern Family" actor, who is immunocompromised due to ongoing health conditions, says her "panic level is pretty high."
Beatrice had played Stella on the show since 2012.
The five-time Emmy nominee made the surprise announcement Wednesday on "The Late Late Show With James Corden."
“From the first table read 10 years ago to the last first table read," ABC wrote in an Instagram caption.
Hyland, a self-proclaimed "Bachelor" fanatic, first connected with the reality TV star on social media.
The "Modern Family" star is finding creative ways to incorporate LGBTQ advocacy into his latest work, including bow ties, Broadway and a Taylor Swift video cameo.
The "Modern Family" star is pressing for the LGBTQ bill, so no one's rights are "determined by what side of the state line they're on."
ABC announced Tuesday it renewed the hit sitcom for a final season.