The Moment I Knew

"I simply wasn’t capable of stifling my dreams and passions any longer, nor did I want to."
"I knew I had moved on when I realized I hadn't thought about my ex-wife for days."
To this day I cry every time I think of this special moment. We're all searching for our mission, our reason for being on this planet. I feel like I found mine that day. And it all started with such a simple gesture.
What was the moment you knew your marriage was over?
Here are seven lessons about divorce I needed to learn on my own before moving on.
Pain rushed through me, only it wasn't in my stomach, but my heart. Was this really happening? Did he just walk away?
What was the moment you decided that your significant other was really "The One" for you?
The sound of the ambulance screaming through the late evening hours only heightened the fear of what was coming next.