Monty Python

“You were my comedy hero until I read this subtle/not subtle piece of racism."
Former Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania referenced a hilariously farcical scene to make his point about the government shutdown.
The comedy legend called the president "a sleazy, corrupt, egotistical and mendacious sociopath."
But they really want to cheer us up in this song-and-dance tweak of Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life."
The comedy icon names the song he wants to be played at his own closing act.
"Whatever [Chuck Lorre] wrote, his heart's in the right place."
The roar of laughter from the audience does reveal a truth we've all known since Monty Python hit the airwaves in England
"When you’re grinning like a lunatic, for people you don’t know..."
Jones' representative released a statement after the actor was named a recipient for a notable BAFTA award.
I presented cheesemaking as an exercise in self-sufficiency, exploration and embracing mystery. That might strike you as a little too high-minded for the simple act of mixing warm milk and vinegar. But the throng of curious dairy lovers were all on the same page.