Academy award-nominated documentarian Morgan Spurlock could be dubbed the king of the Digital Content NewFronts after having
Vlogumentary pulls the curtain back on this new media revolution by following vloggers and examining how they work, what
Politicians lie! I know it, you know it, we all know it! Call Bullshit is the first interactive show where you can call politicians out on all their bullshit in a funny and engaging way.
The company has created a new documentary for use in middle and high schools which promotes the McDonald's brand so aggressively, it can hardly be called "stealth" marketing. Instead, it's a veritable infomercial for the beleaguered fast food chain.
Here's my deepest concern about the Global Family Reunion: Has the marketing of it been so successful that we're in danger of changing the definition of genealogy? The interest in famous cousins has always been there, but has its prominence in the GFR's PR campaign been such that many will think that's the whole point?
A high school science teacher from Iowa is now the brand ambassador for one of the biggest fast food chains in America.
Click here to watch the full HuffPost Live interview with Morgan Spurlock and the team behind AOL's new douseries "Connected
Lemon and Meccanoid high-fived and shared some light banter, but things really started to heat up when Spurlock asked his
"We are turning cameras over people and asking them to record their lives. We're asking people to record moments that are
Surprisingly, Morgan Spurlock hasn't completely given up fast food.
Colbin began the school in her own kitchen, teaching "how to make delicious, healthy and well-balanced vegetarian meals." She
"Super Size Me" director Morgan Spurlock joins HuffPost Live and claims that for him, there's nothing better than a Shake Shack burger.
Cisna, on the other hand, is excited about the McDonald's diet and thinks that the experiment has taught him lifelong, healthy
We are in the midst of a bumper crop of bio-docs: documentaries focused on single figures who have wound up on the wrong side of history and who seemingly want the chance to get their side of the story on the record.
"Super Size Me" documentary director Morgan Spurlock talks about covering the relationships in the band while making "One Direction: This Is Us".
Similar to Vine, they can rent or sell your information as they see fit, as long as it adheres to its Privacy Policy, which as a living document, it can change at any time without notifying you. Did you follow that?