The groundbreaking director ushered in the “Blaxploitation” wave of the 1970s and influenced many filmmakers.
The project, titled "Britney vs. Spears," will premiere the day before the pop superstar's next court date in the ongoing legal battle to end her conservatorship.
A new Amazon doc shows how LuLaRoe leadership tried to keep sellers loyal to the MLM.
Other popular films include an assassin's revenge flick and the story of a father's harrowing search for his missing son.
A brief clip of the former One Direction member aggressively making out with actor Florence Pugh has sent Twitter into a tailspin.
"Prey" and "An Unfinished Life" are also trending on the platform.
The actor answers a terrifying phone call and things only get worse from there in the new Netflix thriller.
The singer tweeted the minute-long look at the four-hour documentary slated to air about her in 2022 and declared in the clip: “This is the truth."
"Worth" and "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins" are also trending on the platform.
The highly anticipated blockbusters are being pushed back to 2022.