"I was leading a double life as an American at school and a Greek in the evenings and on weekends."
If you forgot about Allan, the times Ken seemed queer, or Barbie's sister who grew doll breasts in real time, the movie will remind you in hilarious fashion.
Documentaries on Bethann Hardison, Donyale Luna and Naomi Campbell arrive at a time when fewer audience members care about pop culture history.
Evans explained why he's all right with making fewer movies in an interview with GQ.
The Oscar winner also juggled acting and producing while recovering from serious injuries she sustained on the first day on filming.
From a horror comedy to family dramas and social allegories, some of the most interesting films at this year’s event are the ones few people are talking about.
The new film, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, isn’t exploitative. It’s just not executed well.
Here's where you can rent or buy "Barbie" on video on demand, starting today.
Filmmaker Cord Jefferson’s hilarious satire, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, is also scattered with unformed ideas and characters.
The very exclusive guest list included several of Evans' A-list "Avengers" castmates.