The event was scheduled for Nov. 5 in Paris and was set to feature acts like Ozuna, Renée Rapp and Thirty Seconds to Mars.
Never boring, this year's VMAs brought out the hottest acts in music.
The former MTV actor is back with a new concert following an extended hiatus from performing, and HuffPost caught a sneak peek.
In the past, the award has gone to such legendary artists as Madonna, Beyoncé and Michael Jackson.
If Swift wins big, she could soon surpass Madonna as the most awarded artist in VMAs history.
The former MTV VJ seemed to have mixed feelings about his upcoming 50th birthday.
In a memo to staff, the closure was blamed on "pressure from broader economic headwinds" now hitting U.S. newsrooms.
Prerecorded videos of Barrymore will likely still appear, but the MTV Movie and TV Awards show reportedly will be "hostless" and won't feature a red carpet.
The MTV reality series invokes representation as a way to attract viewers, and fails at producing anything imaginative about queer stories.
MTV's "The Real Friends of WeHo" is "what happens when you have gay people but no queer people at the network," one person wrote.