MTV Video Music Awards

"She tried to kind of play me on 'Regis and Kelly,' and I’m not the one," said Pink. "So, it didn't work out."
The "Twilight" actor recalled being caught off-guard when Ye interrupted his former girlfriend: "It just didn’t make sense."
The big moment at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards was apparently meant to involve J.Lo instead of Christina Aguilera.
The TikTok star’s mom Sheri Easterling and the “Betty” rapper made their romance public — but her ex, Monty Lopez, is not happy about it.
The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor appeared virtually as the MTV Video Music Awards' Moon Person on Sunday night.
The singer channeled her inner Barb, danced along to Lizzo and fangirled over Blackpink.
"We are not letting them drag us back into the last century," Eichner declared Sunday, in remarks that doubled as promotion for his new movie.
Nicki Minaj just landed a historic award at the MTV Video Music Awards.
Swift revealed new music is on the way and announced her new album's title after her Video of the Year win.
The two rappers performed as Bored Ape NFTs in a colorful, psychedelic performance during the MTV award show on Sunday.