Support your favorite institutions during these tough times with these museum gift shops that are online.
The Met is the largest museum so far to outline such a plan, as cultural institutions grapple with reopening while adhering to COVID-19 social distancing measures.
The 6-year-old remains hospitalized in critical condition after falling from the 10th-floor viewing gallery in London.
"Many Americans remain unaware of the important impact that AAPIs have had on our country,” the New York congresswoman told HuffPost.
After Beyoncé and Jay-Z shot the video for their song “APESHIT” at the Louvre, attendance at the Paris museum rose.
In tears, the Easter Island governor asked for the sacred sculpture, whose name, Hoa Hakananai’a, translates to “lost or stolen friend.”
The FBI still needs help identifying other suspects associated with the theft and extortion surrounding Dorothy’s shoes.
"In the museum world, we hear about curators discovering new species of dinosaurs, or something. In this case, we didn’t find an amazing dinosaur."
After HuffPost first reported on allegations of sexual harassment against the artist, museums around the world are left pondering what to do with his work.
The Guggenheim's head curator goaded the president with a golden toilet, so his supporters fought back with single stars.