"My Head & My Heart" also gives the rising pop star a chance to go full-on dance diva. "I feel like we need to boost our moods," she said.
"There’s a better way to show your admiration for my husband," she wrote in a post on Instagram.
Demi Lovato is sharing details about her near-fatal overdose publicly for the first time.
The actor's glam-rock band, Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum, unveiled its debut album this week. Turns out it's a compelling and delightfully trippy listen.
The Grammy-winning pianist pushed the boundaries of jazz and worked alongside Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock.
The new set will have 26 songs, including six never-before released songs.
Semler insists her new album falls under the label of Christian music, even if the industry hasn't embraced people like her.
Wallen covered the Grammy-winning singer songwriter's song "Cover Me Up" on his sophomore record, “Dangerous: The Double Album.”
Tampa musician Prince Midnight made the ghoulish guitar to honor his Uncle Filip, "the biggest metal head I've ever known."
The country music industry publicly rebuked the singer, but fans responded by playing him even more