Naomi Watts

Their new movie is a stirring, unconventional meditation on racial identity in America.
“I’ve accepted the fact that it’s impossible," the "Ray Donovan" star said.
Five new shows based on the fantasy hit are currently in development.
The actress' new movie, "The Book of Henry," opens this weekend.
Who is the Tina to your Amy or the Brad to your George? These celebrity buddies are proof that best friends are forever.
The two have been involved since 2005, but never married.
Images courtesy of La Biennale, used with permission. Watts: Yeah, they figured that out early. They were in Thailand with
As Ford added, about regrets, those we all have once we stop being 20 and 30, he shared that someone once said to him, "midlife
It's like watching and waiting for a dam to break because the water isn't trickling out safely. So you wait, and you wait