Natalie Portman

The actor reveals his motivations behind creating the character of Sam, played by Natalie Portman, in his directorial debut.
A Baltimore news outlet described "drug dealers" making a $50,000-a-week shakedown threat, though details are unclear.
"He's just a nice person," the Oscar winner said of her "Thor: Love & Thunder" co-star.
The Oscar-winning actor said she can't watch "Thor: Love & Thunder" without thinking of a certain retail outlet.
The stars were out on the purple carpet in Los Angeles for the culmination of over a decade of films, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes to an end in “Avengers: Endgame”. The feeling was both celebratory and bittersweet amongst the actors who have played these roles across 22 films.
Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson also star in the Marvel sequel, which opens in theaters on July 8.
Christian Bale’s weight gain for the upcoming film “Backseat” isn’t the only time an actor has made a drastic transformation.
The actor discussed her prep for "Thor: Love And Thunder" on "The Tonight Show."
"The police make me as a white woman feel safe, while my black friends, family and neighbors feel the opposite," the actor wrote.
Natalie Portman, Mark Ruffalo, Will Ferrell and others join the Instagram video because "we're all in this together," the "Wonder Woman" star said.