Nick Carter

Bobbie Jean Carter was found unresponsive in her bathroom in December one year after her brother Aaron died of a drug overdose.
Bobbie Jean Carter died at age 41, just over a year after the death of her pop star brother.
Bobbie Jean Carter was the sister of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, as well as singer Aaron Carter, who died in 2022.
The woman said the Backstreet Boys singer plied her with alcohol when she was 15, forced her to have sex with him, and invited three men to watch.
Singer Melissa Schuman alleges Carter used his celebrity status to "groom, manipulate, exploit and sexually assault" her.
A woman alleges that the incident occurred on a tour bus in 2001.
“I will miss my brother more than anyone will ever know.” Nick Carter shared an emotional tribute to Aaron Carter.
The entertainer was found dead at his home on Saturday.
"I will miss my brother more than anyone will ever know," wrote the member of the Backstreet Boys.