Nick Jonas

Jonas performed two singles from his about-to-be-released solo album in his debut as host — and musical guest.
Priyanka Chopra showed support for Black Lives Matter but has been called out for failing to speak out against injustice in India.
The NBC show co-host's motorized chair started spinning as she stood and clapped for competitor Samuel Wilco's performance.
The youngest Jonas Brothers member named the celebrity who was one of the first to mock him for having spinach stuck in his teeth.
The youngest Jonas Brothers member had some food in his teeth at the award show and fans couldn't resist calling it out.
Don't expect "In Bed By Nine" to top the Billboard charts anytime soon, though.
If your holiday was better than theirs, you are truly having a wonderful life.
"I haven't stopped smiling," the singer wrote after meeting his new furry family member.
Priyanka Chopra said "destroy him," and Singh told James Corden she obliged.