Nick Offerman

The "Parks and Recreation" star is set to portray the adoptive father to the famous quarterback, whom he called an "American champion."
The former “Parks and Recreation” star called the deepfake of the sitcom’s opening credits his “career peak.”
Congratulations to all these extremely good writers.
NBC's crafting competition show, hosted by the "Parks and Recreation" duo, is the product of a long lineage of reality shows predicated on pleasantness.
The actor added fuel to talk of a possible revival.
"It turns out there's a lot of pent-up desire," he said on "Conan."
Co-star Nick Offerman also seemed on board... under one (incredible) condition.
"Crying at something that moves you to joy or sadness is just as manly as chopping down a tree or punching out a bad guy."
No one's too famous to get a little giddy about science.
Only 30 days hath some months, but not this one.